Lake erie pollution 2019

Unregulated animal factory farms are funneling nutrient-rich pollution into Lake Erie, feeding an enormous toxic algae bloom each summer, according to an investigation by the EWG and the Environmental Law & Policy Center. About Lake Erie. During the 1960s water quality issues in the Great Lakes became a concern and Lake Erie was perceived to be "dying". By the late 1960s, Canadian and American regulatory agencies were in agreement that limiting phosphorus loads was the key to controlling excessive algal growth and that a coordinated lakewide approach was necessary to deal with the phosphorus issue. Feb 19, 2019 · Fighting pollution: Toledo residents want personhood status for Lake Erie This article is more than 11 months old The controversial legal bill will allow citizens to sue a polluter on behalf of ... Jul 20, 2018 · Mason: The currents carry the plastic and it flows with the water. What you find in Lake Erie isn’t just what has been discharged in Lake Erie, but also what flows in from Lake Huron. It’s an additive effect. The counts increase from Superior, to Huron to Michigan, to Erie to Ontario. The impact of plastic pollution on Lake Erie and the rest of the Great Lakes will be examined during an upcoming program at the Westshore Campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C ®). This topic is the focus of the latest “Learning for Life” lecture series program at the campus. The free program takes place Jan. 29. Oct 24, 2019 · “That’s really good news,” he said. “I haven’t heard of any being caught in the Sandusky Bay or the river in my 22-year career. You hear about them in the lake, usually one every year. But not in the Sandusky.” Wilkerson said there’s no downside to having lake sturgeon once again roaming the river bottoms of Lake Erie tributaries.