Windschuttle and reynolds debate

I have no desire in this book to defend these last measures since they effec­tively treated Aborigines as second-class citizens. However, the criti­cal question in the debate over the Stolen Generations is not whether all Aboriginal policy was free of discrimination. Rather, it is about why some Aboriginal children were removed from their ... As an old associate and contemporary of Windschuttle I organised a debate between him and John Docker on the subject of postmodernism in the central area of my shop in 1996. Windschuttle’s criticism of postmodernism was more than half correct but in retrospect that was an intermediate stage in a shift to the far right. Moving the Genocide Debate Beyond the History Wars· A. DIRK:MOSES University ofSydney The "History Wars" have paralysed the scholarly discussion on genocide in Australian history, because genocide is regarded as a politicized concept that distorts historical understanding. May 29, 2003 · The construction of Aboriginal history: fact or fiction? Keith Windschuttle in debate with Henry Reynolds University of New South Wales Speakers' Forum