Sensorless foc observer

In this paper, the simulation model of speed Sensorless Field Oriented control of Induction motor using PID controller has been developed. Various essential aspects of an Induction motor and Field Oriented control were explored such as principles of its operation, the electrical properties and the torque/speed relationships. The objective of this thesis is to design a hybrid sensorless closed-loop motor controller. using a combination of Field-Oriented Control (FOC) and Direct Torque Control (DTC) for. brushless DC motors used in multi-rotor aerial vehicles. Field-oriented control (FOC), or vector control, is a technique for variable frequency control of the stator in a three phase AC induction motor drive using two orthogonal components. Learn more about its advantages, direct, indirect and sensorless FOC. A state observer based on sensorless control stra tegy is a good solution for a wide range of fixed speed and low cost applications such as fuel pumps or fans. In a state observer the complete differential motor model is used to estimate the whole state