Oratory1990 eq

Feb 15, 2019 · G.R.A.S. system, user Oratory1990 was able to duplicate the points or the frequency response and compare it to the Harman target. Basically, the two published measurements are done by two different people but on the same measuring rig - However because it was measured on the same rig, Oratory1990 was able to duplicate the response in relation to the Harman target response. Oct 14, 2018 · Oratory1990 is an Austrian acoustic engineer with after-hours access to professional measuring equipment who creates EQ profiles for popular headphones to the Harman target. He has posted an index of his EQ profiles on Reddit. The list includes a profile for the HD58X, with which I’m listening right now (with an addition +3 dB at 12500 Hz because I’m old and like a little air up there). It ... While firmly believe no-eq is an ultimate goal to go [1], I indeed enjoy eqing as a quick-and-dirty experiment a lot. HD800 is no exception haha. Oratory1990's eq (thanks for sharing it! @Rthomas) was inspiring, but kinda mixed bag to my ears. This is because of one or combination of the following reasons: