Dynamic distribution group migration office 365

Dec 12, 2017 · Migrating Distribution Lists to Office 365 . Known as “Contact Groups” in Office 365, server-based and dynamic distribution lists don’t migrate to Office 365. Dynamic distribution lists (DDLs) are groups built on conditions and filters defined through PowerShell scripts or the Exchange Management console. DDLs use conditions to query Active Directory and create lists of users that receive a message. You can handle DDLs a few different ways when migrating to Office 365. Groups, Distribution Lists, Shared Mailboxes, etc. are some advanced features provided by Microsoft in the Office 365 platform. Each of these amenities allows multiple users to collaborate and communicate easily. Talking about the Distribution List, let us know about this and its features. Distribution Lists – Feature Utilizes a single email address to send emails... Hi, i need a little help with Dynamic Distribution Groups in Exchange Hybrid with Office 365. So i have some users up in Exchange Online, created in cloud (not synced from AD - I have those, but... In some instances we had to Convert Dynamic Distribution Group to Normal Distribution Group . In order to Sync in Office 365, in few other scenarios we had to do this as well. Lets see how to do it. I would prefer to Create a new Distribution Group with the same filter. where deleting and recreating might create some cache issues and NDR issues