How to use the rotterdam metro

To find info about subsequent departures use the paper departure sheets, though each train route from Rotterdam Centraal has a dedicated sheet. So you may need to look through multiple departure sheets to find your destination. The 1st class lounge is only available if you are travelling with a 1st class international ticket. When starting your journey, use the ticket to check in at the gates in the station. Please note that your ticket will be valid only after you check in. When you get off at your destination, use the ticket to check out at the gates and leave the station. You must also check in and out when you travel by tram, bus or metro. The Rotterdam Metro operates from 06.00 until midnight. See also the Map of the metro system. Remember to check in and out on metro stations without gates !. By Tram . RET operates 10 tramlines. Al tram lines except line 2 will stop at Rotterdam Centraal. Tram stops provide a detailed map of the public transport system.Aug 19, 2017 · RET R-net Rotterdam Metro The Rotterdam Metro (Dutch: Rotterdamse metro) is a rapid transit system operated in Rotterdam, Netherlands and surrounding municipalities by RET. The first line, called Noord - Zuidlijn (North - South line) opened in 1968 and ran from Centraal Station to Zuidplein, crossing the river Nieuwe Maas in a tunnel.