Convert cycling to steps fitbit

So yeah, counting your steps. The Fitbit Charge HR, as I must keep referring to it for SEO reasons, does this about as well as your phone (if you've got a relatively recent smartphone) and better ... Good for us Fitbit enthusiasts who are shocked by how FEW steps count when we bike ride, LOL > How to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps | eHow More information Find this Pin and more on Keep Going! Divide the number of feet cycled by your average stride length, or feet per step. To conclude the example, you have 21,120 feet cycled / 2.5 feet average stride length = 8,448 steps taken to cover the same amount of distance you cycled. Apr 16, 2016 · It doesn't convert to steps either, as any such conversion isn't particularly meaningful, but it does convert to calories, which IS meaningful. And it takes level of effort into consideration, both with respect to speed and altitude changes. Clearing cycling uphill requires a lot more energy than level cycling (or downhill).