Konosuba eris x male reader lemon

Male aqua predictably makes fun of her resulting in Fem Kazuma choosing him as a cheat item and now to reincarnation adventures guild time skip and party formation . Still male darkness would appear to be a noble knight so his in but male megumin can't just do black mail like in canon. Dec 9, 2019 - After dying a hilarious and pathetic death, a shut-in NEET is met by a beautiful but annoying goddess in the afterlife who offers him two options: go to Heaven or be reincarnated into a parallel world with MMORPG elements. The NEET chooses to be reincarnated and chooses to bring the goddess with him, but moving forward from there, his expectations of an awesome life in another ... Read explosion magic(small lemon in the chapter) from the story konosuba X Male Reader by Ghost___catrias with 7,436 reads. konosuba, megumin, malereader. A/N: I am well aware that this would NEVER actually happen, quite the opposite actually. I don't even think Kazuma is capable of hatred towards her. I also know, that did not fit Kazuma's character whatsoever, but I had to villanize him in order to give a good reason for there not to be any trace of Kazuma x Aqua (which I ship).