Pspice phase difference

Apr 11, 2019 · AC Sweep: Analyze the frequency response of a circuit (gain and phase). Transient Analysis: Set a time period and analyze the response of your circuit. PSpice goes beyond mere circuit analysis, it also lets you perform temperature and stress analyses on your designs and perform event-driven simulations with its extensive library of pre-modeled ... Note that the period of the input waveform is approximately 3 seconds. Thus, TSTOP was set to 9 seconds to provide a display of approximately 3 cycles. Another important difference is that the SKIPBP box was NOT selected. In this case PSPICE will let the circuit run to steady state BEFORE producing the plot. As I know the most significant difference is the simulator itself. Hspice includes a very fast simulator with excellent performance and accurancy. For instance with PSpice you will not be able to simulate high density circuits (100k transitors and more). PSpice performance is to poor for such application.