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Apr 24, 2016 · How to Automatically Skip Commercials in NextPVR with Comskip Justin Pot @jhpot April 24, 2016, 6:40am EDT So you’ve set up live TV on your computer with NextPVR , and maybe even set it up to stream to every computer in your house . > Support > PVR & Live TV Support > NextPVR > Next PVR - Manual Recording Donate ... NextPVR v5 Public Beta The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to Happy New Year! Quote: Updated version of vue.js, and switched to the minified version for slightly faster web page load times. Basically, NextPVR has an option to update EPG data during live tv. Which is checked. but I noticed yesterday that half of my channels didn't have any EPG data and had to update it manually. is there a way to set this up to automatically download EPG data even if I don't launch NextPVR or watch live tv that day? I was hoping that when I export the recordings to xml, I could see the pending manual (one off) recordings somewhere. Is that list only available in the database? In other words, how do I get a list o NEWA is included in the default NextPVR installation. Updates and fixes are made to NEWA between NextPVR releases, these are made available as development builds. NextPVR 3.5.7 includes NEWA v2.17. The latest development build is NEWA v2.17 (2793 downloads), which was released on 2015-08-30. You must be using NPVR 3.4.8 or higher to use this build.