Ni kontakt keyswitch

• Kontakt 5.8.1 or free Kontakt Player needed ... It integrates perfectly into NI‘s Kontakt - the most popular sampler to date - and uses ... Polyphonic Keyswitch ... Les keyswitch.....c'est des modes en quelques sortes... Tu appuies sur un touche du clavier pour passer d'un mode à un autre.... par exemple ca permet de passer d'un son pizicato à un son stacato.... C'est clair comme explication? SESSION HORNS PRO is an Instrument powered by KONTAKT; you will, therefore, have to have KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER installed on your computer in order to use SES-SION HORNS PRO. Refer to the KONTAKT/KONTAKT PLAYER documentation to learn how to load and configure KONTAKT Instruments. SESSION HORNS PRO Key Features External Sequencer ... Now, for example, you can play the note D3 with different finger positions. Ergo KSFP (Key Switch Finger Position) patch. The first position is typically played with the empty string or the fourth (ring) finger on the G2 string. First, play these four notes on your keyboard with KS C0 selected. Do you notice how the timbre is quite flat?