Snc1d electricity test

Grade 9 » SNC1P Applied Science » Physics: Electrical Applications Home; ICS2O Comp Sci. Introduction to the Course; Beginner Programming; Intermediate Programming A meter reader determines that a business has used 3550 kWh of energy in two months. If electricity costs 10 cents per kWh, calculate the bill. A toaster is used an average of 5 h a month. The toaster draws 8 A of current from a 110 V outlet. If electricity costs 8 cents per kWh, how much will it cost to operate the toaster for one year? Electricity Test – Review Sheet. Explain why "static cling" does not develop when a clothes dryer is used to dry a load consisting only of cotton towels. Write your answer in complete sentences. Explain what happens when a negatively charged pith ball hanging from a string is brought close to a neutral pith ball also hanging from a string. THE ONTARIO CURRICULUM, GRADES 9 AND 10 | s cience have been designed for students intending to go on to postsecondary education but not to study science; yet others have been designed with the needs of the workplace in Draw a circuit that has a bulb attached in series to a 1.5 V cell, an ammeter and a switch. Find the resistance of the bulb if the switch is closed and the ammeter reads 0.0012 A. Mr. Storie 10F Science Electricty Unit Practice Test KEY 14. Three resistors, with a total resistance of 20 ohms, are attached in parallel.