How to update xscreensaver

Re: Xscreensaver Update Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:12 pm the version of xscreensaver that is for raspbian is about 10 years old, the creators been working on it for years with new versions coming out, but none of them get added to the repositorys as they class it as unstable. Hi guys, I installed Fedora LXQt but found it to be not what I wanted, so I installed Xfce and lightdm as well as light-locker through dnf. But now every time I lock the screen with xflock4, xscreensaver activates and not light-locker – how do I replace the former with the latter? XScreensaver for Raspberry Pi & Updates to a Screensaver Tutorial. A screensaver for Raspberry Pi that shows temperature with updates to a tutorial from liberato.The tutorial from liberato also seems to work in WSL/BashOnWindows, if you install an X-server. Re: How to disable xscreensaver locking? lansizhong wrote: The locking used to be NOT working until I somehow enabled it by installing some other softwares and changing some configurations which I can figure out. This is a good spot to make sure that when a user hand edits the .xscreensaver file instead of using xscreensaver-demo the values will not be used by xscreensaver, but our "sane" values will be used instead. In function stop_the_insanity add something like this, using your own values if you want. Note that values for time are seconds*1000.